Mark Valentine

Mark Valentine is a venture investor who specializes in early stage ideas, so early, in fact, the ink may not even be dry on the proverbial cocktail napkin.

Valentine started taking Bay Street by storm at the age of 22 when he signed on as an Investment Adviser at BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. It wasn’t long before he was known not only for his sharp mind, but for his equally sharp trading and sales skills.

By the end of the 1990s, Mark Valentine was easily one of the richest players on Bay Street thanks to his phenomenal success trading red-hot Internet stocks listed on New York’s Nasdaq Stock Market. The tall, athletic and soft-spoken trader was generating so many millions of dollars in commissions and profit from his trades that he was able to afford a sprawling home in Toronto’s affluent Forest Hill, a beach house in Florida’s tony Key Biscayne community, a cottage at Lake Simcoe and a Falcon jet to shuttle family and friends.

According to former Thomson Kernaghan officials, his partners were so grateful for the share of commissions they earned from Mr. Valentine’s trades that the firm bought him a Ferrari in 1998 as part of his compensation. The licence plate adorning the sports car was “giddyup,” an echo of his frequent rallying call to his small trading team: “Giddy-up, let’s get going.”

Experience made him savvy with emerging technology stocks. His cutting-edge mindset challenged the ‘old guard’ of Bay Street. His experience at Thomson Kernaghan & Co lent him experience in the power and mining sectors and began to galvanize him as a salesman.

Mark gained renown as a shrewd stock picker, and for being ahead of the market curve. He had a flair for knowing how to pick winners in the tech and internet sectors. Valentine’s acumen and achievements brought success along with the internet boom.

The NASDAQ stock exchange was where Valentine had a lot of success.

Mark has always been a student and devotee of the markets. A calm, collected broker with a mind for precision and the ability to grasp complex ideas and their details, Valentine has always had what it takes to ride out the volatility of the markets. And he’s proven that through the dizzying ups and downs of the NASDAQ.

Now, at 42, Valentine is a veteran of Bay Street, the markets and life in venture capital.

In 2002 he founded Q Capital Corp in Toronto, where he continues as their CEO today. Q Corp specializes in software, most particularly in the monetizing of mobile solutions for carriers in the global village. The company portfolio also includes e-commerce, the natural resource sector and media – both traditional print and online.

Altruistic involvement has seen Valentine raising money for The Children’s Wish Foundation and Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation in Toronto. His $1 million endowment funds created a permanent legacy to support the future of the world-famous Mt. Sinai Hospital with the Mark and Stephanie Valentine NICU Fund for Excellence. He also created The VF Children’s Network Charity.

His charitable contributions aren’t slowing down either; he plans to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in order to help London’s Kabbalah Center reach their own heights.

Valentine was educated at Lakefield College School in Ontario and Concordia University in Montreal.